Thursday, January 08, 2015

Fallen Angels

I have not written anything for such a long time. I was sleeping along with all of you. But now it's time for me to speak and maybe, somehow,  manage to influence some of you. I hate leadership and I will never try to make you believe in something. To me, we are all equal. We have the same rights to dream, to create, to live the life we want! It is daunting to say that I have stopped believing in the phrase "heaven on earth". Or that earth is a mixture of hell and heaven. Earth is just hell! And all of us? We are fallen angels with non-angelic souls! Sincerity and saintly feelings rarely pop up in our hearts. We only care to climb up the social pyramid made of dead bodies, bodies that belong to our neighbours, to our friends, or even our parents. We only care how to drag everyone down and destroy everything pretty, forgetting that we are ALL beautiful. 

My dear nations, we are all at the bottom of the pyramid. Humanity is at its lowest. We strive and struggle as hunger has taken over us. We are hungry for wealth and success, hunting our "red" dreams. We don't use our hearts, not even our brains. We are taught since the first day we enter this world, how to kill others, how to judge others, how to avenge, but noone teaches us how to be humane.

Media calls it financial crisis; I will call it Humanity Crisis. Tragically, all of us are driven by the worst "powers", fear and greed. A world full of materialistic people who dedicate half of their lives to work and decide to entertain themselves in their 60s. The aftermath? Wealth but not health. People who are scared to speak, fearing a mute shot and those who scream at night, putting pillows on their mouths. Someone has taught us what the "right" and "safe" paths are and we follow, with closed eyes. We ignore the bads that are happening around us, claiming that we cannot do anything to help, when in fact, we are just selfish. 

Since we are in school, we support brutal behaviours and we call school terrorists "cool". We feel safe, having a friend like them, sharing cigarettes with them, supporting their foul mouths and dirty hands. We vote for them. We make heroes criminals and make villains champions, condemning the Kids who are brave through their silence and their essential acts. Fallen angels who fell in this world to save us. 


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