Friday, April 27, 2012

Talking to confidence

I turn on the light and I saw my idol in the mirror. I was old, tired and my body was made from stones. I tried to listen my heartbeats but the silence reminded me that I was dead.
-Dead? I was moving all this year, I was speaking, I felt in love and I think that there are some people out there who remember that we had time together. How was I dead? No, it is not logical.
-Stupid (!!) life does not mean breath but passion. Life is the source of emotions.
- I've died long time ago. I've never learned the way to express them. I tried sometimes, but I had tonnes of emotions and people were scared.
-Are you confident?
-Sorry, I don't know this word, but I am acting quite well. People cannot understand my real soul, never tried.
-Which soul? I thought that you are a kind of superhero, made from stones.
-I'm not!
-Prove it!
-I thought that in life you are not proving things, you are just yourself.
-So, tell me about you.
-I don't need to analyze myself to you. I'm not trusting you.
-Do you trust anyone?
-Yes, I trust their eyes because through them I can see their souls. Big and opened eyes represent a person innocent, lost in thoughts, who tries to see your heart too. People with small eyes are those who have lots of fears. Fear to see this world crystal.
-Are you scared?
- There is no reason. That's how I feel watching human. Why are you asking me?
-You have small eyes.
- I have small eyes because I have big smile! Do you want to see?
-No. I'm here to help you, not to spend my time smiling.
-I believe that smiling gives life to their faces.
-Maybe, but sometimes people are using this to hide things. You know, like a defence.
-This is true. Don't tell me that this is wrong. It's my only defence.
-What about your heart?
-Hurt and red. So red! Lots of passion that never came out.
-Break the stones, your heart will stop beating.
-Express your feelings. People are out and they are waiting for you.
- I cannot see anyone.
-You're looking at the wrong direction, they are behind you!

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